Shocking images of children who were premature babies

Shocking images of children who were premature babies

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Beginnings are never easy. Much less for these children, babies who were born before their time, and who had to fight in an extraordinary way for life.

A Canadian photographer, Red Méthot, has collected in a series of photographs, the before and after of premature babies. The moment of struggle and the future conquered. They are little heroes and deserve, at least, these images that show us the difficulties that all of them had to go through.

The children on the left are Charles-Antoine and Mara, twin brothers. They were born with 27 weeks. They had to spend a long period in the incubator. So, they didn't understand anything. Today, they know that they passed an important test, and they pose smiling with the only memory that remains of that stage.

Melody was born at 30 weeks of gestation. It is hardly recognized in this image. Who'd say! Now she is a totally normal girl.

Felix was born at just 24 weeks. He was a great fighter. And a great winner.

They are Olivier, Ariane and Noah. The photographer Red Méthot tries with these snapshots, to recognize the struggle of these little ones. They all hold in their hands an important message for all parents who have just had a premature baby: they will survive and they will live. And the days that they will spend in the hospital between probes and light contacts with the world, will be transformed into paper.

A premature baby is considered to be born before the 37th week of gestation. From that week, the 37th, the baby is ready to go out. If you do it earlier, your organs may still be immature.

If he is born between weeks 28 and 37, he will not have many problems. But if you do it before week 28, you will have to fight in a special way. These babies do not usually weigh more than 1,500 kg.

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