Santa Claus cutlery holder. Christmas handcrafts

Santa Claus cutlery holder. Christmas handcrafts

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We teach you to decorate the Christmas table in an original and fun way with Christmas decorations made by children. This craft is very entertaining to do and your children will be able to collaborate in the preparation of Christmas dinner.

It is about making a cutlery holder shaped like the body of Santa Claus made with recycled material, and we have used a roll of toilet paper to make it.

  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • Brush and pencil
  • Glue or glue
  • Red paint
  • Black, white and gold felt

1- Paint a roll of toilet paper red

2. Mark two half circles at both ends with a pencil and cut them out.

3. Cut out on white felt, the shape of Santa's beard; on black felt a rectangle; and on gold felt a square (it will be the buckle).

4. Glue the beard to one end of the roll and the belt and buckle to the middle of the paper roll.

This craft has been made byLaura Platas, ofJuice Animations.

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