Depression during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an emotional time bomb, and according to some specialists there may be a state of depression during pregnancy similar to those produced after childbirth. Occasional sadness from physical changes and increasing responsibility is quite common while pregnant, but about 10 percent develop feelings of deep sadness At this stage it can lead to depression that must be treated appropriately.

Postpartum depression is well known, but pregnancy depression is not always correctly diagnosed, according to Rachel Manber, lead author of research carried out by experts at the Stanford University School of Medicine (USA). Symptoms can be confused by the emotional changes typical of a normal pregnancy.

Until now, the most widespread recommendation was antidepressant treatment supervised by obstetrics and psychiatrist jointly, since there is a risk that the mother loses attention to her child and herself, but a recent study, published by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology proposes a new therapeutic route that could be effective: control acupuncture.

According to the results of the work, the pregnant women subjected to this technique their depressive symptoms improved by 65%While the rest of the participants experienced a relief that did not exceed 44 percent. According to the results obtained from the application of this therapy in pregnant women, those responsible for the study consider acupuncture as a real alternative to treat depression during pregnancy.

However, the author of the research recognizes that more studies would be necessary to confirm the benefits of acupuncture in this type of depression and many doctors, due to the unknown of the technique, still do not dare to recommend it.

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