How are tornadoes formed

How are tornadoes formed

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Many of the questions that the little ones ask themselves are related to the most impressive natural phenomena. We have the answers to children's whys about tornadoes. What is it a tornado and how it is formed are common concerns of children when they see tornadoes on television or when they have to experience them live.

1. What is a tornado? A tornado is a natural phenomenon that occurs in a storm. When the storm is very strong, the reaction of the electric shock it becomes a kind of funnel of wind that moves and destroys everything in its path.

2. How does a tornado form? A tornado forms when there are various changes in speed and direction in the storm. Then the wind funnel, which is generally accompanied by hail and starts to spin, moving for a few kilometers. They generally occur in spring and summer during the afternoon and do not last more than a few minutes.

3. Where do tornadoes occur? Anywhere a storm occurs, a tornado can occur, but the truth is that this natural phenomenon does not usually occur around the world. In the US there is what is called 'the alley of tornadoes' an area where they habitually coexist with this phenomenon. But there are also tornadoes in other parts of the world such as Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Australia or New Zealand.

4. Can you predict a tornado? A tornado arises suddenly, so it is very difficult to know what is going to happen. Experts can announce it with a few 13 minutes in advance, which can save many lives. You can also observe the sky to be aware of some changes. The tornado warns when the sky becomes very dark or greenish and a loud noise is heard.

5. What is the difference between a tornado and a hurricane? Many people confuse tornadoes with hurricanes, but they are not the same. While tornadoes originate and occur on the continent, hurricanes do so at sea. What's more, the Hurricanes they can last several days, something that does not happen with tornadoes that only last a few minutes.

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