Scar care after cesarean section

Scar care after cesarean section

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A few years ago the hospitalization after a cesarean section was at least a week, however today the times have been greatly reduced. Generally tAfter 3 or 4 days into the maternity, the woman is discharged, and wound care is your responsibility.

In any case, we must not forget that cesarean section is major surgery, although with a happy ending, since we have our baby as a prize. With what the care we must have is not few, and we must not underestimate the care that the mother needs.

The woman who has undergone cesarean section should avoiding housework for a while, lifting weights (watch out for those women who have older children), driving, and any effort that increases intra-abdominal pressure, as it causes pain.

The wound does not require special care, the most important thing like any incision is to keep it clean and dry and follow these simple tips:

- The we will wash with soap and water during the showerWe pat it dry with a sterile gauze, without dragging it, and leave it in the air for a few minutes. It is not convenient to cover it with dressings, but we must be careful with clothing, so that it does not catch.

- In the hospital they may recommend the application of an antiseptic, generally chlorhexidine; that we will put on after the shower.

- At 10 days, at the midwife's visit, staples or stitches will be removed in the case that the woman has.

- The massage on the wound with rosehipAfter the stitches or staples have been removed, they help to heal better, reduce the probability of keloids, adhesions ...

- It is very likely that the woman needs to take pain medication. We usually recommend that you take them as they are safe for your baby if you breastfeed. They will also help you to be more comfortable without pain.

- The incision is very painful with certain movements that increase intra-abdominal pressure such as coughing, laughing, sneezing, going to the bathroom or simply getting up or lying down in bed. We recommend that you put your hands to the wound, pressing to avoid pain in the area. If you have a lot of pain with postural changes, it may be beneficial at first to use a tubular girdle, especially for caesarean sections; but only for 5 or 6 days. Since prolonged use of these devices can have a negative effect.

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