Types of back pain during pregnancy

Types of back pain during pregnancy

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Three out of four women will suffer some degree of back pain in this period. This pain can vary from moderate to acute and will appear between the 5th and 7th month of pregnancy, but it could also surprise appearing from the 8th week of gestation, this usually occurs when they are women who already suffered from back pain before becoming pregnant.

However, although it is a very common ailment, it should not be taken lightly as if it were a normal process of pregnancy. For a pregnant woman, back pain can have a very negative impact on her way of life and on her day-to-day activities (loss of productivity at work or perhaps cause a pregnancy much more complicated than normal), for Thus, Reflexology becomes an indisputably necessary therapy in this period, either as preventive therapy, preventing future back pain, or as a specific therapy helping the pregnant woman to alleviate said pain.

- Lumbar Pain: It is located at the height of the waist towards the center of the back. Sometimes it can spread to the leg or foot. The pain usually increases or worsens when holding body postures for a long period of time (sitting or standing) and when performing repeated movements (standing up repeatedly).

- Posterior pelvic pain: It occurs in the back of the pelvis, this pain is four times more common in pregnancy than low back pain. It is a deep pain that occurs at the waist, below or along the sacrum. It can occur on one or both sides of the body, and the pain can sometimes spread to the buttocks and thighs, usually not reaching the knee. Unfortunately this pain does not disappear after rest, but with Reflexology, if you can improve.

What is back pain like during childbirth? This pain is different from back pain during pregnancy, it is a pain very similar to an intense menstrual cramp, being a persistent pain that increases its intensity and frequency in a short period of time

Whatever the pains, they are all as a result of weight gain causing pressure on the back, changes the body's center of gravity, muscle imbalances occur, muscles fatigue more quickly than normal causing poor posture, and hormonal production of relaxin and estrogen can cause problems, due to the laxity of the joints, especially in the pelvis.

Many people prefer to wait before making changes to prevent an imbalance. They only act accordingly when the disease or symptoms of a certain condition appear, deciding exclusively at that time to receive Reflexology treatment. A pregnant woman has limitations in the administration of drugs in pregnancy and this natural therapy is an excellent solution to relieve back pain. As a reflexologist specialized in maternity, I advise you to combine a specific reflexology program for pregnant women with your pregnancy, this will save you a lot of discomfort that pregnancy inevitably generates.

Back pain must be treated to ensure a better quality of life for the pregnant woman in this period, to facilitate an uncomplicated delivery and to avoid possible back pain that could last after pregnancy. That is why I advise you to find an experienced reflexologist specialized in maternity to begin to enjoy the future arrival of your baby without pain.

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