The Cuckoo. Children's song in English

The Cuckoo. Children's song in English

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Guiainfantil presents a selection of the bestnursery rhymes in english recommended by parents. With this song in English The Cuckoo you can promote the learning of this language in children.

Songs in English are a good way to promote language knowledge in children because music helps stimulate the little ones while they are having fun.

Oh the cuckoo

She's a pretty bird

She warbles

As she flies

But she never

Howls cuckoo

'Til the fourth

day of July

she drinks from

white flowers

To keep her

Voice bright

She lives

Deep in the shadows

But she´s made

Of pure Light

I've placed cards in Virginia

I, see playes cards in Greece

But I'd give up

All the traveling

For a little taste of peace

Jack of diamonds

I know you

Of old

You rob

My poor pockets

Of silver

And gold

Gonna build me

A log cabin

On a mountain

So high

So I

See my true love

As she goes

Passing by

Some things

You can wonder

And some things

You can guess

I said

I heard me a cuckoo bird

It was a nuthatch

I confess.

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