10 benefits for kids of handwriting

10 benefits for kids of handwriting

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We adults spend less and less time writing by hand. In the digital age, almost everything we have to communicate in writing is digitized either on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

However, children in school practice writing from the early stages of early childhood education, first stimulating their fine coordination through strokes and drawings to continue with traditional writing when they are ready. But have you ever stopped to think what are the advantages of writing by hand? Perhaps after meeting them, you want to spend time a day both handwriting and encouraging your child to do so.

Dictation is boring for some children, as is writing question sentences when doing homework or writing an essay about something made up. However, in addition to other benefits that these activities bring, the simple fact of putting ideas and words on paper brings endless advantages:

1. Power the learning and the development of the child.

2. Stimulates skills in childhood such as memory, attention and concentration or organization.

3. Retain information more intensively than doing it on a computer or tablet.

4. Increases creativity, critical spirit and self-esteem.

5. Helps promote reading and the habit of reading.

6. Facilitates psychomotor coordination.

7. Helps to develop fine motor of the kids.

8. Acquiring good writing skills paves the way to a more successful future career.

9. Stimulates brain circuits.

10. Helps the child develop his abilities in other activities such as playing, drawing or coloring.

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