Witch bag. Crafts with eva rubber

Witch bag. Crafts with eva rubber

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One of the activities that most entertains children during Halloween parties is asking friends or neighbors for sweets and treats. But where will your children put the trinkets they collect this year? In We suggest you make this original bag with a witch's face. It is a craft made with eva rubber very simple to make and, above all, very fun. You dare?

  • 5mm eva rubber
  • Black marker
  • Glue gun
  • Felt of different colors
  • Pair of scissors

1. Download the template of the witch's face, clicking on the image below and print it to make both sides of the bag. Then use it to cut out two sides of foam rubber.

2. Draw the outline of the witch's face with black marker and decorate it with some details.

3. Cut out details such as the hat, the hair, the eyes or the tooth from black felt and glue them on the witch's face.

4. Flip the face over and place a strip of eva rubber on the base. Then put a strip on the top to make the handle. Repeat all the above steps to make a second witch face and glue it to the back.

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