Glossary of pregnancy terms. Letters

Glossary of pregnancy terms. Letters

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In We have created a pregnancy dictionary so that you can solve all the doubts that arise throughout your pregnancy.

Any term or word that you don't understand that begins with the letters you can consult it in our glossary and learn more about what worries you. A great way to be well informed of everything that happens during pregnancy.


One of the symptoms of pregnancy is the absence of regal, so if bleeding occurs at any time during pregnancy it is important to go to the health center to assess the baby's condition. However, light bleeding is normal in the first trimester of pregnancy and does not always indicate that an abortion may occur.

Baby gender

The sex of the baby is determined at the moment of conception, however it will not be visible through an ultrasound from the second trimester, around week 12 or 14 if it is visible. The most accurate confirmation can be made with the ultrasound of the 20th week of pregnancy.


Excess salivation during pregnancy. It generally occurs between weeks 6 and 20 of pregnancy and the causes seem to be related to hormonal alteration and gastric reflux problems. Among the remedies against this annoying sensation, are to ingest small amounts of food every so often, drink water as soon as excess saliva is noticed or increase the number of times you brush your teeth.

Fetal alcohol syndrome

It occurs when the baby is born with mental, developmental and functional disorders due to bad habits of the mother during pregnancy associated with alcohol intake. Specialists recommend that pregnant women not drink a drop of alcohol during pregnancy to avoid SAF.

Fetal suffering

It is a fairly broad term that is used to express a situation of difficulty during pregnancy or delivery that puts the baby at risk. It is detected through the fetal monitor that is placed on the pregnant mother, since all changes in heart rate are recorded in it. Read more

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