Dictionary of pregnant women. Letter I

Dictionary of pregnant women. Letter I

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Throughout the pregnancy you will hear a series of terms and words that, at times, will sound strange to you. So you can know what they mean, in we have developed a dictionary of doubts for pregnant women.

Here you will find a solution to all your doubts about pregnancy words that begin with letter I. Having all the information at your fingertips will help you to live the pregnancy more calmly.


It is the hair that covers the baby during pregnancy and that, in many cases, remains after birth. This hair protects the baby's skin since its skin is very thin, almost transparent during the first weeks, so without it the skin would soften when being in constant contact with the amniotic fluid.

Tubal ligation

It is a surgery that is used as a contraceptive method by blocking the fallopian tubes through a ligation. It is considered an irreversible sterilization technique, although in recent times operations have been performed to rejoin the tubes and allow pregnancy to occur.

Amniotic fluid

It is the fluid in which the baby floats throughout the pregnancy. Initially it is an ultrafiltered liquid from the maternal blood plasma, but from the second trimester the baby intervenes in its production with the filtering of its kidney, so much so that from week 18 it is the baby that produces the liquid when filling and empty your bladder several times a day.


They are the blood loss that women have after childbirth. This bleeding is made up of blood that comes from what was the placenta and uterine tissue that is still in the uterus after delivery. The first few days they have the appearance of a ruler and then they turn pink to end up being brown.


It is an infection caused by the Listeria bacteria that is transmitted by food. It is present in some cheeses, sausages and smoked meats that should be avoided throughout pregnancy since the bacteria can be transmitted to the baby through the placenta and cause serious consequences, especially neurological.

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