My child eats badly: what do I do?

My child eats badly: what do I do?

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Feeding our children is one of the biggest concerns for parents. When a child stops eating or loses his appetite, for a season, it can jeopardize their nutrition and proper growth. Most diseases, in some way alter the type of diet and appetite of the child, but when should alarm us? Generally, when the lack of appetite is not a specific circumstance, but a habit.

Hunger is the normal response to the wear and tear of our body, each child has their own physiological needs and we must be aware of this and, therefore, adapt the food to the particular characteristics of our child, although it may happen that, due to a disease physical or mental, or after it, the child alarmingly loses his appetite and then we can adopt some measures to alleviate it.

There are foods and tricks that can help us to cover the nutritional deficiencies of our child, so that each bite represents a greater nutritional contribution for him.

- Foods such as legumes and nuts: They help to supplement unbalanced or little varied diets, they are a great and excellent contribution of vitamins, proteins and minerals. They are very energetic foods, although nuts in particular should not be offered to children under four years of age due to the risk of choking.

- Offer a suitable environment: company at the table and tranquility

- Eat small amounts of food: several times a day, even if the established times are not ignored.

- Use large plates to make it appear that there is less food and combine the first and second courses in one.

- Offer new recipes: flavors, textures and colors, with an attractive or fun presentation.

- Avoid drinking excess fluids during meals: this way, you will prevent children from filling their stomach with liquid. They can drink after or an hour before.

- Stimulate the appetite through some physical activity: walk, swim ...

- Offer some lemonade or sour juice: since it seems that acidic fruits whet the appetite.

- Cook adding calories and protein no need to increase the volume

- Garnish with sauces like bechamel, mayonnaise, tartar

- Add to soups, purees, stir-fries or pasta: ham, croutons, cheese, milk or soy cream, cream, etc.

- Offer ice cream (especially nuts) and other nutritious desserts adorning them with honey, cream, condensed milk, chocolate, etc.

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