11 steps to remove diapers from babies

11 steps to remove diapers from babies

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One of the developmental stages of children that parents often look forward to is the time to remove the diaper. After having changed about two thousand diapers a year (if you calculate about 6 a day), surely you will not see the time when the child begins to go to the bathroom alone.

What few parents know is how long it can take for a baby to get to the bathroom by himself. And although it is true that some children learn in a few days, it is also true that many others take several months, and even years.

Not having to wear diapers is very important for children, especially for those who are 5 or 6 years old, that is, those who are on the verge of enuresis. For parents to teach their child to go to the bathroom whenever he needs it, they can follow 11 steps that some specialists recommend. The chances of parents being successful in potty training will increase if they learn the basic training rules, and they manage to transmit them clearly to the child.

- First step: Identify the signs that your toddler is ready to ditch diapers

- Second step: Buy the necessary equipment

- Third step: Create a urination routine for the child

- Fourth step: Encourage the child to say goodbye to the diaper

- Fifth step: Show him how it's done

- Sixth step: Explain the process

- Seventh step: Motivates the child to be independent

- Eighth step: Buy training "shorts"

- Nineth step: Accept their mistakes and faults, with good humor

- Tenth step: Start night training

- Eleventh step: Celebrate it, you did it!

It is convenient to remember and consider that, in matters of urinary incontinence, prevention is better than cure, always.

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