The monkey and the cat. La Fontaine's Fables

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In the house of a good lord, lived two bad, mischievous and ungrateful animals. A monkey named Roko, who liked to break everything in his grasp just for fun and a cat nicknamed Mouse, who did not like to hunt but did eat excessively.

One day when the two of them were passing through the kitchen door, they saw some chestnuts on the fire that the owner of the house had left roasting. The monkey said:

"Dude, it's time to strike the big blow!" If I had the claws that you have, those chestnuts would already be in my stomach!

The cat that was very fast, without saying more words, began to remove the chestnuts one by one from the fire, meanwhile the monkey was eating them without the cat noticing. When the feline had not yet eaten any, the owner of the house entered the kitchen and the petty thieves ran out of the place, to the great discontent of the cat.

Moral: In a society sometimes the mocker is mocked.

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