How to teach English to young children

How to teach English to young children

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There are many myths about learning English in children, we are used to treating English as one more subject, which is a mistake, when we teach English to children we must try to make children see that English is a game and that they also it will help in the day to day of your life. We can only achieve this through different organized games.

When teaching English to young children we must bear in mind that the most important thing is to involve the child in an atmosphere in which the main language is English, in a natural way, not as a class.

We must adapt any game we make to English, this will depend on the age of the baby or child, up to 3 years of age we can introduce English without needing Spanish at all, once the children are over 3 years old (and they have never been taught English) learning is more complicated, since they have Spanish very affirmed in their brain, so we must use more simultaneous translation in complicated sentences, repeating the same thing several times. We can use any game for the child to learn English.

1- Tabs or cards in English for children

Created by Glen Doman more than 50 years ago, it is one of the star games and activities for children's brain development and learning. In them we use repetition, visual effects and of course our voice. These are cards with the drawings of the material that we are working on at that moment, for example the parts of the body in English, we will teach them the cards and repeat the part of the body several times while we gesticulate to get the child attracts more attention.

2- Songs in English for children

Music has a mnemonic power much greater than sight, in addition to music we relate it to joy, fun, being an innate feeling to the human being that the child already has. We can find thousands of songs in English that work on different parts of children's development. From songs to learn the English alphabet, colors, numbers, habits like brushing your teeth and everything we can think of.

Every day we should have a song time, it is also good that each song always has the same dance so that it is easier for the children to relate it. One of the bases of learning in children is the relationship of words with the actions observed, therefore the gestures that we make will be to stage what the song says.

3- Videos to learn English

A very common practice when we want a child to learn English is to start putting the child on television or songs in English, a method that does not work if we do not work it correctly, we have a clear example in all the generations that grew up listening to one and again at Beatles or the Rolling Stones, unable to learn a single word in English.

We learn English through three basic pillars, listening to it, relating what we hear and attention, children when we put them in front of a television in English keep the images but automatically disconnect from the sound, therefore the videos and songs must be supported by us, that we take care of attracting their attention by gestures, even repeating what the film says, emphasizing the words we want.

4- Stories to learn English

It is an ideal method for children to learn English, we can always use the classic stories, although children love that we create stories in which they feel the protagonists, it is simple we can use what we are studying in English at that time, for example the colors, although if something curious happened that day we will use it to create the story, for example if the child has been selfish and has not wanted to share, we can make a story in which there is a child who refused to share, and in the end, since he does not share, others no longer share with him, thus changing his point of view. When talking about things that have happened, the child pays more attention to the story and therefore to English.

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