Minion costume. Crafts for kids

Minion costume. Crafts for kids

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To make a children's costume, all you need is desire and a little imagination. If not, take a look at this example, with a T-shirt and some felt, we have made a Minion costume in a very simple way.

In We teach you how to make a Minion T-shirt so that children can dress up and pretend to be these funny cartoon characters.

  • Yellow shirt
  • Pair of scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Colored felt
  • Material 2

1- Cut out the shape of a Minion's blue jumpsuit from a piece of blue felt and glue two black buttons to it.

2- Cut out a gray circle, another white, another brown and another white, each one smaller than the previous one. Also cut out two black strips. With this you can compose the eye of the Minion.

3- Glue all the elements on the shirt and you already have a Minion costume.

Video: How to make a Minion costume (February 2023).