Recipes with calcium for children and pregnant women

Recipes with calcium for children and pregnant women

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Calcium is a basic mineral for the proper development of bones and teeth. So much so, that during pregnancy you have to take enough contribution for the correct growth of the baby. It is a mistake to think that for children to take calcium they only have to drink milk. There are countless foods rich in calcium ideal for children who do not like milk very much or who do not drink enough.

These recipes with calcium are designed to appeal to your children while strengthening their bones.

Breaded cauliflower. Battered Cauliflower Recipe. Cauliflower is not an easy vegetable to put on the children's plate, however, with this recipe you will be sure to be right and your children will not leave a piece on the plate. On our site we teach you how to make battered cauliflower with a homemade recipe, easy and simple to prepare.

Caprese salad. Caprese or Capresa salad recipe. A refreshing Italian starter for children and the whole family. It is one of the simplest and most exquisite combinations of Italian cuisine. We have developed a super easy and quick recipe to prepare for dinner or children's lunch.

Pea cream. Pea cream for children. A delicious pea cream that will not only provide vitamins to pregnant women and children, but is an exquisite, attractive dish that is very easy and quick to prepare for children. For dinner or a family meal. We teach you how to make a pea puree for your children.

Yogurt and dried fruit cake. Yogurt cake recipe with nuts and raisins. On our site we teach you how to make this recipe step by step. For the children's snack or breakfast you have this juicy yogurt cake with nuts and raisins, easy to make and with many nutrients for pregnant women.

Egg and béchamel balls. Egg with béchamel and ham in the form of a croquette. You will love this simple, nutritious and very tasty recipe. Dare, surely the children will like it a lot.

Creamed spinach. Easy recipe for cream of spinach with bechamel, for children who need more energy. Rich and easy recipes with vegetables for children. Cook this delicious spinach cream with the children. Spinach with béchamel cream, an ideal dish for children.

Yogurt with crackers and nuts. We all know that children's appetites also come through their eyes. This yogurt with cookies and nuts, served in a glass, in addition to a delicious dessert, can perfectly become a hit in the snack of children and pregnant women.

Pasta with mushrooms and champignons. Follow our recipe for pasta with mushrooms and mushrooms. Pasta is a very important food in the diet of children, and they like it better if it is accompanied by a sauce. our site has developed a quick and easy recipe, as well as healthy. Pasta is one of the favorite foods of children.

Lentils with vegetables. Traditional recipe of lentils with vegetables. How to prepare some lentils with vegetables for children's meals. make a recipe for lentils with vegetables, healthy and nutritious for children.

Omelette with broccoli. Broccoli omelette recipe for children. our site offers us an easy, healthy and very rich recipe for broccoli omelette. Broccoli provides vitamins and prevents cardiovascular disease, strengthens bones and has antioxidants.

Chickpea and tuna salad. Prepare at home this delicious recipe for chickpea salad with tuna, especially for children. An easy, fast and very inexpensive recipe to make. A recipe rich in fiber, in Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, both for lunch or dinner for children.

Almond cheese. Almond cheese. Recipes with calcium for children. Cheese is a food made from the milk of cow, goat, sheep or other ruminant mammals. It is a product especially indicated in the diet of children due to its high content of calcium and phosphorus.

Spinach Tortilla. A light, healthy and easy alternative for dinner for children and the whole family: a spinach omelette with red peppers and cheese. A homemade and nutritious recipe, very rich in protein and iron. A very complete dish for dinner or children's lunch.

Salmon Pate. Easy recipe for fresh and smoked salmon pate. How to prepare homemade salmon pate, an ideal recipe for appetizers and starters. Easy, quick recipe, for which few ingredients are needed. An inexpensive recipe, for everyone.

Artichokes with ham. This recipe is ideal for working parents who have little time to prepare lunch and dinner for their children. This recipe is a good alternative for children who are overweight or have constipation problems, as it contains a lot of fiber.

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