The real back to school

The real back to school

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A picture is worth a thousand words and this photograph is a true reflection of the message of this saying. The image is a funny cartoon of the reality that all families experience when the school year begins and that reflects the great joy of a mother for the true return to school of the children. Is it that parents are much more excited than children about returning to the classroom? ...

A friend emailed me the photo with a funny comment and when I saw the image for the first time on the computer screen I was laughing for a long time. And it is that the photo is funny ... and it also responds to a reality that we all carry inside and that few of us dare to comment openly, except in intimate and trustworthy circles, that do not make us seem in front of others like some denatured parents.

And it is that after a whole summer with the children from one place to another, 'I can't take it anymore. I can't wait for them to start school to get rid of the children a bit ', a friend, a very good friend, told me yesterday as she tried unsuccessfully to get her children to stop playing in the park to take them home. There is no doubt that summer tests parents' patience. So much free time and the absence of daily routine guidelines and schedules, turns children's lives into a constant uproar.

In the midst of this holiday chaos, parents try to put a little order by planning holiday activities or their stay in camps, but in the end, going back to school is a respite for everyone. Many mothers feel that they regain control of their lives, not to make big plans alone, but to enjoy small and simple things, which otherwise we would not value as much as a quiet purchase in the supermarket without attending to cravings. of their children for each mural in the establishment, so as not to have to scold if they run through the corridors or to avoid having to multiply to grab the bags and the children at the same time when they finish shopping.

The expenses in books, the hours invested in covering them, the time spent on shopping and organizing the new clothing sizes after the summer spurt matter little, if we think about the satisfaction that the first day of school will produce. . The important thing is that the time has come to place the children in school and that from that day on we will begin with a routine that calms families down every day from nine to five in the afternoon.

Until the children start school, the true course for parents, many tasks have been put off to take care of them just when the children start school. The feeling of freedom that the school offers parents is great, although that does not mean that the education of the children should be left in the hands of the school. It is only a resource that helps us academically with the training of children.

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