Hereditary diseases of children

Hereditary diseases of children

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Unfortunately, there are many ailments that can be passed from parent to child. Diseases can depend on multiple factors, such as diet, lifestyle or the care we give to our body, but there is also the uncertainty of genetics.

Before getting alarmed, it is recommended that we know what diseases can be transmitted from parents to children, in order to know how we can improve that diagnosis as much as possible.

The ailments that can be inherited from parents to children are present in DNA of the progenitors, since it is precisely the genes that are transmitted from generation to generation that could lead to cells of some type of disease.

Although you can always improve the health of anyone with healthy habits and good treatment that slows down or at least makes the symptoms in question more bearable, in a matter of genes and heredity diseases that are hard to avoid.

- Cystic fibrosis: It is a hereditary disease that affects the lungs - it can also appear in the digestive tract - that is transmitted in a recessive way. It is one of the ills in health matters that are passed from generation to generation.

- Mediterranean anemia: Normally in pregnancy this type of anemia is found, also called thalassemia, which is a type of disease that can be transmitted to children, since they are caused by a single gene that passes directly to the next DNA.

- Hypertension: Although it is not directly hereditary, the fact that if the parents have hypertension together with undesirable lifestyle habits it could be inherited by the children. The predisposition to suffer it is inherited if certain guidelines are not carried out to avoid it.

- Visual disturbances: Hyperopia, strabismus or myopia can also be inherited by our children.

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