Baby names inspired by famous songs

Baby names inspired by famous songs

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There are songs that remain in our memories for a lifetime. Music can both 'seal or record' an event and inspire us when choosing a name for our baby.

If you want to choose an original and different name for your child, resort to songs that talk about a character, a name. They are available in different languages ​​and they tell different stories.

There are songs with names that tell stories of love, adventure, passion, sadness and heartbreak. Some names are real, others fictitious. Follow some suggestions:

Lucyby Joan Manuel Serrat. It is a melancholic song where the author remembers a past love. Lucia is a name of Latin origin that means 'Light'.

Penelopeby Joan Manuel Serrat. A song that is inspired by a love that moves away and comes back changed over the years. Penelope is a name of Greek origin and it comes from pénion and lope: "thread, clothing" / by extension, "the one that weaves a dress or mantle".

Maryby Ricky Martin. A song that talks about a special and different woman. Mary is a name of Hebrew origin and it means 'beloved of God, lofty, eminent'.

Monicaby Joaquín Sabina. A song that talks about an indecisive and indefinite woman. Monica is a name of Latin origin, Greek, and means "lonely, who loves solitude."

Lauraby Nek. This song talks about a woman who left, left without saying goodbye. Laura is a name of Latin origin and comes from laurus: ‘laurel’. By extension, 'triumph or triumphant'.

Macarenaby Los del Río. A song that talks about a dancing woman. Macarena is a name of Greek origin that means 'happy, blissful'.

Sunriseby Antonio Flores. Talk about the arrival of the singer's daughter. Of Latin origin, Alba means "white, with white hair and fair skin."

Salomeby Chayanne. Talk about an attractive dancer woman. Of Hebrew origin, Salomé means 'peace, health, harmony'.

Yolandaby Silvio Rodríguez. Talk about the passion you feel for a woman. Of Germanic origin and means ‘land of riches’.

As you can see, most of the names in the songs are for women. And although there are many in Castilian like Linda, by Miguel Bosé; la Lola, from Café Quijano; Galilea, by Sergio Dalma; Valeria, by Gloria Trevi, and many others, there are also names in other languages, especially in English, that have left traces in our memory. Examples: Michelle, from The Beatles, Roxane, from Police; Layla by Eric Clapton; Sandy, by John Travolta; Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson; Angie from the Rolling Stones; Suzanne by Leonard Cohen and Prudence by John Lennon.

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