How to light a candle from a distance. Experiment for children

How to light a candle from a distance. Experiment for children

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Lighting a candle from a distance seems like a magic trick, but it is not! It is a simple home experiment that you can do at home with children, they will surely love it!

Science experiments are fun and teach children so they can learn while playing. Follow this experiment step by step or on video and discover how to do it at home with your children.

  • 1 tall candle
  • 1 candle holder
  • Matches

Advice: Make sure you are in a place sheltered from the wind so that the smoke does not drift or disperse, this will make it easier for you.

1. Light a candle and put it on the holder.

2. Blow out the candle.

3. Immediately light a match and bring it close to the smoke of the candle, near the wick, you will see how it lights up!

The smoke that comes out of the candle when you extinguish it still has traces of wax in gaseous form. The wax is what makes the candle stay lit, so if we bring a match close to the smoke it can relight the wick.

Video: Vacuum candle experiment. Science Experiments for kids (February 2023).