Stories for children. The Tale of Nowhere

Stories for children. The Tale of Nowhere

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Read a children's story to your child It helps you to enhance your imagination while creating, or consolidating, the emotional ties between you. And you will realize that the innocent"Once upon a time…" it has magical effects for both.

Here is a story sent by one of our users, who has wanted to share the beautiful children's story of the Tale of Nothing so that you can read it with your children.

Listen children, this story

that I now invent.

This story has nothing

no geniuses, no princesses, no fairies.

It has no castles, no haunted houses,

not a girl with an incarnate hood.

He does not speak of wolves, nor of grandmothers,

nor a magic carpet that flies.

There is no sleeping beauty in him,

nor is he a brave prince.

No witches appear, I think

no piglets, no ugly duckling,

neither dwarfs nor gnomes,

neither Thumbelina, nor tin soldier.

Cinderella is not there

with glass shoe

nor the forty thieves of Ali-Baba,

nor that cat in boots,

nor Manolito Gafotas,

nor house of chocolate or sponge cake,

nor the liar Pinocchio.

So what does this story have?

Well ... only telling it entertains.


Story sent by Martín Cano from Spain.

And if you or a family member or friend writes children's stories, be sure to send it to us at: TELL US A STORY!

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