Children's stories of opposites and opposites

Children's stories of opposites and opposites

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1. The garden of opposites
Various Authors

These four activity titles featuring the characters from Little People have been conceived by educators so that children can learn basic concepts such as the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, synonyms and antonyms in a fun and enjoyable way, through simple exercises that they will help you group, draw lines, select and color.

2. Play and Discover: The Opposites
Jordi Busquets

An interactive book with different mechanisms for children to learn opposites in a fun way. With cardboard pages, very simple texts and nice colorful illustrations.

3. Opposites
David pelham

Fun flaps to learn opposites or opposites with children, in a very entertaining way. Fearlessly pull the tab on each page, lift the flaps and look for the mischievous rodents. Children will love to play and learn.

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