The Tin Soldier. Stories for children

The Tin Soldier. Stories for children

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The Grimm brothers They have an extensive collection of children's stories, among which stands out The Lead Soldier, a story of love and adventure that children love as well as it moves them.

And how could it be less, this beautiful story is also in the selection of classic tales from Guiainfantil, where you can find a great variety of traditional short stories to read with your children.

Jorgito got good school grades and received as a prize a box of toys with trains, a harlequin, a ballerina and tin soldiers.

Sadly, Jorgito realized that one of his soldiers was missing a legBut he loved it more because it indicated that he had heroically lost her in battle. One day at night and when everyone was asleep, the toy bugle sounded and one by one they began to come to life. The tin soldier wanted to be closer to the ballerina doll who would not stop smiling at him, but the evil black harlequin came between them trying to avoid their proximity. And so much was his resentment that when he opened the window, he made a strong wind throw the little soldier into the air, who could barely stand on one leg.

The dancer sobbed and the harlequin scoffed when he saw that the soldier fell into a pond and that a tramp was driving him away in a flimsy paper boat. But, far from feeling defeated, the brave little lead soldier, upon perceiving the cry of his beloved, steeled himself and brandishing his sword, decided to face the evil harlequin and those who did not want to see them together.

The paper boat took the course of a sewer and in the middle of the darkness, the soldier could sense the presence of the enemy. This time it was an immense and voracious rat that tried to attack him, but thanks to the skillful maneuver of our hero he was able to move away from the shore, while the hungry rodent yelled at him:

"Damn lead soldier! But if I haven't been able to finish you off, you will be in for a bitter surprise beyond that." You don't come out of this alive, mutilated soldier, ha ha ha ha ...! "

He ignored him and kept browsing in search of his beloved ballerina doll.

But the threat of the rodent came true: the boat was carried away by the current that announced the presence of a river. The paper boat was wrecked, the soldier sank very deep and there a salmon swallowed it hastily. Inside, a kind of earthquake threw him against the fish's spine and he passed out.

When I woke up I couldn't believe it: I was at Jorgito's house, where the salmon that had been caught by the father for dinner arrived. The soldier ran in search of his beloved. They hugged happily and were going to get married, but the evil harlequin ran over the little soldier, sending it to the embers of the fireplace. Without thinking twice, the beautiful dancer went after him and something wonderful happened. Heaven called them and together they rose to be happy throughout their lives.

The end

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