The first musical instrument for children

The first musical instrument for children

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The first musical instrument for children should be your choice. Before starting the child in the practice of any instrument, it is important that they have a general musical knowledge, so that, later, they are the person in charge of deciding when and what instrument they want to play. The musical instrument is a faithful companion of the child. Music has the gift of bringing people closer.

The child who lives in contact with music learns to live better with other children, establishing a more harmonious communication. Music is one of the favorite activities of children. It provides them with emotional security, trust, they feel understood when sharing songs, and immersed in a climate of help, collaboration and mutual respect.

The ideal age for a child to start learning to play a musical instrument is from 5 years of age. Learning should never be imposed by parents, since the child's free choice will allow him to better develop his hobbies. Therefore, it will always be the child who will choose the instrument they want to play, although the best instruments to get into music are not the flute and the piano, because they do not demand too much of the child.

But above all, the little one has to like it. If the child is interested in music and in the musical instrument that he has chosen, learning will be a stimulus that will be motivated. If parents want their child to learn early, it is essential to ensure that the teacher they choose has experience with very young students. In the best schools, they do not try to teach these children anything complicated or with discipline, however, the teacher takes advantage children's love of magic and its spontaneity. Classes become a game session with music and movement, children learn by playing and not as compulsory homework.

Easy-to-play instruments that emit simple melodies such as xylophones, tambourines, bongo drums or small pianos are ideal for children between 2 and 5 years old, with low motor skills and with difficulty focusing on a task for a long time.

From the age of 6, children can approach music from another perspective because they can already understand musical notes. They can start with the simplest instruments of each family such as the clarinet, drum, violin, guitar, or piano.

Here are some ideal musical instruments to introduce children to music with its advantages and disadvantages:

- Guitar: it is very popular and affordable for parents, although at first it may be difficult to tighten the strings

- Piano: they can be started from 3 years old in music schools, although their price is expensive

- Flute: it does not weigh and is easy to transport, it also helps the child to control breathing

- Drums: playing it well is not easy but it allows the child to experiment with sounds. From the age of five they can start with this instrument.

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