The father of Facebook will be the father of a girl

The father of Facebook will be the father of a girl

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'Priscilla and I have some exciting news: we're expecting a baby girl!' (Priscilla and I have fantastic news: we are expecting a girl! ') - Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook).

From virtual father to real father. The co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg he announced his upcoming paternity on his Facebook profile. It could not be otherwise. In just a few minutes, the news went around the world. After three unsuccessful attempts, the couple will finally have offspring. In addition, the sex of the baby is already known: it will be a girl.

It has taken the couple three tries and two long years. But her perseverance has been able to do much more, and in the end the pregnancy passes normally, without major shocks. Mark Zuckerberg speak in your profile of Facebook how happy both Cilla (as he calls Priscilla) and he are. He says that they open a new chapter in their lives and will pool all their efforts in trying to leave a better world for their daughter to her entire generation. She also recounts her sad experience of having to overcome three miscarriages. He talks about the loneliness they went through and the "down" moments they had to suffer when losing each of their future babies. 'Most people don't talk about miscarriages because they worry that their problems will make them look like they are flawed or they have done something to cause that. So they spend it alone, 'said the Facebook leader in his statement.

Zuckerberg He says he has left all those bad moments behind and feels excited, hopeful and enthusiastic about this great project. In the last ultrasound, he assures, his future daughter dedicated a 'like' to them, raising her thumb up.

The couple, who met more than a decade ago when they were students, got married in 2012. Now, three years later, they share an image where they both pose happily, with Priscilla pregnant.

There are many causes that can cause a spontaneous abortion (which usually occur before the 20th week of pregnancy), from the mother's high age (over 35 years) to problems such as diabetes, obesity or tobacco.

In most cases, miscarriage is due to some abnormality in the chromosomes of the fetus. Also to a problem in the 'implantation' of the embryo. But it can also be caused by an infection, changes in the uterus, hypertension in the mother or hormonal problems.

A miscarriage does not have to prevent a future pregnancy without problems. The case of Priscilla and Mark Zukerberg is quite an example.

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