Saint Violet's Day, August 4. Names for girls

Saint Violet's Day, August 4. Names for girls

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Violeta is a name for a girl of Latin origin whose meaning is directly related to the beauty of the flower. Actually, it is the diminutive of Viola, so both names can be perfect for your girl.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Violeta its use is not strange, but very familiar and more and more parents are opting for a name loaded with delicacy and musicality. Celebrate your name day August 4, which is the day of Santa Violeta.

Because of the meaning of her name, Violeta has a charismatic personality shrouded in mystery and seduction. Violeta stands out for her sympathy and kindness, characteristics that make her succeed in social relationships. In addition, Violeta has a great capacity for effort and is a person very committed to the causes that she considers just.

The name Violeta is known throughout the world with some variations. Viola, Violet or Violette are some of the best known variants. All of them capable of evoking the beauty of the flower called Violeta that is transmitted directly to the personality of your girl.

The immense amount of elements of nature, such as flowers, stones and even colors with which we can relate the name Violeta may help you to choose the name of your baby. And it is that to speak of Violeta is to speak of balance, beauty, calm and sensuality; a whole lyrical world in which to wrap your girl.

We also know many tall women who have borne and bear your daughter's name, especially in the world of art and creativity, such as the Chilean folklorist Violeta Parra, Violeta Denou, the author of the successful children's novels 'Teo', the American actress Viola Davis or the child psychologist Violet Oaklander.

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