Conjunctivitis of children and babies

Conjunctivitis of children and babies

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The conjunctivitis It is the inflammation accompanied by redness and discharge from the ocular membrane, causing discomfort, pain and itching when blinking in the eyes of children and babies. Allergies, viruses, bacteria, pollen, tobacco smoke, the presence of particles in the eye, such as sand or dandruff, can also cause irritation of the conjunctiva.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by a virus, bacteria, or an allergic reaction. Both infectious (caused by bacteria) and viral (caused by a virus) arevery contagious. If they start with one eye it will surely infect the other and it is purulent.

One of the causes of conjunctivitis is a bacterial infection. Different bacteria can be responsible for the infection. In the bacterial conjunctivitis One of the most frequent symptoms, in addition to a red eye, is green or yellow tearing. Often times, symptoms such as sinus congestion and runny nose are also present.

On the other hand, viral and allergic ones have little secretion. They produce clear, watery tears and puffy eyelids. The eyes are more sensitive and the eyeball is a pinkish hue (the blood vessels appear as small red lines). Nevertheless there is very violent viral conjunctivitis, which trigger a red eye and cause pain. They are more durable than conjunctivitis due to bacterial infection and can leave small internal lesions in the eye.

The main symptoms of conjunctivitis are these:

1 - Redness of the eyeball and swelling of the eyelids

2 - Itching and sensation of 'foreign body' in the eye (as if it had grit)

3 - Constant tearing

4 - In the case of bacterial conjunctivitis, yellowish or greenish discharge

Always consult your pediatrician. In case of infection, he will prescribe an antibiotic or eye drops. In the other cases, it will be treated using anti-inflammatory and antihistamine eye drops.

Rinse the eye with saline several times a day, wash your hands well before and after touching the infected eye, do not wear contact lenses for a few days and, to avoid contagion, you should not share towels of the person affected by conjunctivitis and if possible, do not take the child to school.

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