Relieve heartburn in pregnancy with reflexology

Relieve heartburn in pregnancy with reflexology

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One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is heartburn. It is usually very annoying in acute cases, creating great anguish in the pregnant woman if she cannot find a practical solution to relieve it. And yes, there is a remedy, that is why I propose Reflexology, which in an amazing way will help you overcome those ardors.

The body of a pregnant woman undergoes changes, her uterus will grow little by little and the stomach will be pushed up due to lack of space. This rise makes it much easier for the acid content to rise into the esophagus, causing burning or heartburn.

Hydrochloric acid is an acid that we produce to help digest food. In pregnancy, this acid is produced in less quantity, therefore, the food is longer than normal in the stomach and is more likely to end up rising and causing burning.

Another important cause is hormonal changes, the increased production of progesterone has a side effect which is a slight relaxation of the gastroesophageal sphincter. Its usual mission is not to let food pass into the esophagus, but by relaxing the acids overcome that tightness that should exist under normal conditions and causes burning.

The burning will not occur during the entire pregnancy, it will be around week 32, that is, week 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34. At approximately week 36 the burning will begin to decrease because the baby begins to descend and then It will release the pressure on the viscera naturally.

The reflexes that we will work on will be: Sternum, Esophagus, Heart and Stomach.

Several guidelines that I advise you to take into account while applying Reflexology in case of burning:

1. Sometimes heartburn comes when the stomach is empty and acids rise upward. Therefore, while we work on the reflex points, we will ask our pregnant woman to eat a small cookie. You have to do it slowly so that the acids do not rise up and can do their work inside the stomach.

2. Work the esophagus from top to bottom, never the other way around.

3. It works simultaneously esophagus and cardio. While working with the right hand the esophagus from top to bottom, with the left hand work the cardias in a circular way to the left.

4. Open the sternum reflex wide with both hands and then work it down

We are already many Reflexologists specialized in Pregnancy, therefore, look for a trustworthy and experienced one, ask him to teach someone in the family how to work this specific technique and stop suffering from burning pain.

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