What really happens to the body after pregnancy?

What really happens to the body after pregnancy?

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Celebrities show us their perfect bodies and flat stomachs from magazine covers after giving birth. These images do not represent any help for other moms because, as far as I know, and I have had three deliveries, the tummy is not flat not even two weeks or two months after giving birth.

The woman's body has to regain its shape after childbirth, and this is a process that lasts as long or longer than the pregnancy itself. A New Zealand woman, Julie Bhosale, has decided to show, openly the reality of a woman's body after childbirth.

With these images posted on his blog: My Real Postpartum Body, Julie tries to denounce the social pressure that women suffer since, according to her, we are obliged to be good mothers, professionals and to always be beautiful and thin. She explains through several photographs taken hours, days and weeks after childbirth how a woman's body changes. It is a harsh reality for many moms to accept, but it is normal.

Julia's initiative, and that of many other moms who have decided to teach through social networks or blogs pictures of their bodies after delivery is commendable as they help other mothers who feel sad, depressed, or frustrated when they see signs of pregnancy on their abdomen or chest.

It is the reality that women live and it is normal because the uterus has to retract and it takes approximately 40 days to return to its original size. The abdominal muscles have undergone an enormous stretch and the abdomen will continue to be dilated for weeks or even months. In addition to these, it is possible that we suffer other consequences of pregnancy such as hair loss, pain during sexual intercourse, urinary incontinence ...

All in all, it's a great way to demystify all those famous images who greet us from the covers of magazines with their perfect bodies after one or even 3 pregnancies. What is truly real are these other images, like the ones Julie shows. There are very few lucky ones who manage to have the same body as before giving birth, the normal thing is that the gut never returns to what it was.

The body can improve a lot, although it requires perseverance and willingness to exercise frequently and eat a healthy diet. This simple recipe will help us to be almost, almost as we were. But we also have to accept that there are brands that will never go away, and that they are living proof that we have been mothers.

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