How to prevent childhood poisoning with cleaning products

How to prevent childhood poisoning with cleaning products

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Is there a way that our children do not become intoxicated with Cleaning products what do we have at home? Although it is obvious, it is always necessary that we bear in mind that we cannot lose sight of everything that may be harmful to the health of children, and eliminate it instantly from their visual field.

If we do not want a child to get to taste the contents of a bottle of bleach, detergent or any type of cleaning product, what we have to avoid is that they are near them. Although we cannot understand what can make you try the soap from the washing machine, childhood curiosity is infinite, and the fact that they can access the unknown makes them want to experience it instantly.

For this reason, the best thing is that every time we use a detergent or similar, we keep it somewhere that they do not have access to, either because they cannot see it or because it is directly hidden.

It is also recommended that we do not confuse the packaging, that is, that the child does not believe that he is in front of a bottle of something that can be drinkable, or a box of cereals in the case of tablets for the dishwasher. This could cause you to put them in your mouth and cause an infection. As for product closures, we cannot lose sight of the fact that it is better to invest in those that are difficult to open so that children have greater difficulties.

If for any reason we have not been able to avoid the domestic accident and some of our children have been accidentally intoxicated with a cleaning product, the solution is always to go urgently to a medical consultation, especially if the child has severe stomach pains.

It is very important that we do not try to make you vomit, since far from relieving you it could make your health worse. If the problem is not internal poisoning but for the eyes or the mouth area, it is advisable to wash with plenty of water, but if the problem has been ingestion it is always advisable to go to the emergency services.

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