7 healthy snack ideas for kids

7 healthy snack ideas for kids

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All the experts tell us, a healthy diet involves eating 5 times a day: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. Sometimes, parents are a bit rebellious and we skip them, especially the snack and mid-morning lunch, but we cannot leave our children without that input of energy, they need it, they are growing.

But, do we monitor and control what we give them in the lunch they take to school? Do we think of a weekly menu for that small portion of food that is healthy and healthy? We give you an example of a weekly diet for children's lunch

Juan Llorca Belda is a cook who has worked with the best chefs, in the best restaurants. One day he decided to drop everything to try to teach children to eat healthy and healthy and he does it from his YouTube channel. His recipe? He advocates vegetarian food, and above all, for a diet without sugars, without refined flours, without additives. Juan proposes, in a very fun and original way, healthy, rich and quick recipes to make, such as this lunch menu for each day of the week:

Monday: apple, banana, tangerines ... Fruit is essential in any diet.

Tuesday: nuts. We can put in a simple plastic bag for frozen a handful of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts. Preferably roasted or raw, never fried.

Wednesday: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hydrates that provide energy to children.

Thursday: rosquilletas or breadsticks. Whole wheat, wheat or kamut, with pipes ... As long as they are of quality, you can even make them at home.

Friday: vegetable sandwich. We can put arugula, humus, seeds and oil. Delicious and energetic!

Saturday: biscuits. To make lunch healthier, make sure that the cookies do not contain added sugars. Difficult business in industrial ones, yes, so we can do them ourselves at home in just 15 minutes.

Sunday: nutritious oatmeal bars with raisins and fiber.

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