10 Greek names for girls

10 Greek names for girls

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If you do not know how to choose the baby's name due to the large number of options there are, we have a very interesting proposal with the best Greek names for girls. Are traditional names, but also original and with a different touch that you will surely love.

The names of Greek origin for girls are liked by their forceful meaning, for their musicality and for that distinguished air they give off. We have a list with 10 Greek names for girls where you will find the ideal name for your baby.

1. Sofia. This name is one of the most popular around the world and means 'wisdom'. It is a name of queens and princesses and it has so much force that its use remains immovable oblivious to fashions and trends.

2. Eurydice. The name has a meaning related to 'Justice' and it comes directly from Greek mythology. We like it because it has a special musicality that exudes sweetness and charisma at the same time.

3. Penelope. It's a name that means 'the weaver' which is gaining popularity in recent years for being a famous person name today. But actually Penelope we already knew from Homer's 'The Odyssey'.

4. Calypso. This is a Greek fairy or nymph name which means 'the hidden'. We know it by 'The Odyssey' and it is a very original name with a very seductive touch, ideal for your girl.

5. Cassandra. It is a very literary name that means 'the sister of men'. She appears in 'The Iliad' as a prophetess of Troy and we love it because she sounds sophisticated and with a lot of personality.

6. Daphne. It is one of the prettiest names and it means 'laurel'. As it has not yet been widely used, it retains a very attractive original touch and is also surrounded by all the mystery from mythology.

7. Helena. The name is one of the most popular in Greece, although its use is widespread throughout the world. It means 'the one that shines' and corresponds according to Greek mythology to the most beautiful woman in the world.

8. Ariadna. This name has a meaning related to 'purity'. We know it thanks to the stories of Greek mythology for being the princess of Crete sister of the Minotaur and we find it a very suggestive name for any girl.

9. Alejandra. With countless variations, this typically Greek name is one of the most popular for both girls and boys in its masculine version. It means 'the one that protects men' and comes to us surrounded by nobility and distinction.

10. Haydée. Although this Greek name has been known since ancient times, it is considered a modern and original name. Its meaning is related to 'Hug' so it is the most eloquent and also has a special force to highlight the personality.

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