10 Greek names for boys

10 Greek names for boys

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Sometimes it is not easy to choose the name of the baby given the large number of options in names for boys and girls. If there are families looking for a original name and rare, others prefer traditional and lifelong names.

Names of Greek origin are traditional names but many retain an original touch. They all have very strong meanings that reinforce the personality of any child, that is why we have prepared a list with 10 Greek names for children that you will love.

1. Alexis. This name of Greek origin is one of the most popular in the world and in all ages. In principle it was a diminutive of Alexander, so its meaning is 'he who protects men', but this variant gains in charisma and personality.

2. Theseus. The name comes directly from Greek mythology and means 'the founder'. It belongs to one of the most famous Greek heroes, so the name is loaded with force and force.

3. Achilles. It is a name with all the flavor of mythological Greece. It does not have a specific meaning, but is about the name of the Aqueloo River and we are well known for the hero protagonist of 'The Iliad'. It is also one of the names that children like the most.

4. Esteban. The name belongs to that list of traditional names of Greek origin that have accompanied us for generations. It means 'the crowned' And it likes it because it is a name without fanfare but with a lot of personality.

5. Nicolas. It is one of the most widespread Greek names throughout the world. It has a very eloquent meaning of 'people's victory' and it also supports many interesting variants depending on the language. Without a doubt, it is a safe bet for your child.

6. Hector. This name means 'the possessor' and it is one of the most special Greek names capable of maintaining a modern and fresh touch despite being known since ancient times. And it is that Héctor is a literary name that already appears as a hero in 'The Iliad'.

7. Jorge. The name is one of the most popular in the world. Its original meaning in Greek was related to 'the earth' and it is one of those names that does not lose charm or freshness with the passage of time.

8. Theo. This name was originally a diminutive of many other names with the same root of Theo, whose meaning refers to 'the divine'. The same thing happens to Leo, who become proper names because of the charisma they give off.

9. Nestor. It's a name that means 'the remembered'. It already appears in 'The Iliad' as the name of a person full of wisdom, measure and sanity. We like it for its musicality and because it is able to maintain itself as an original name over the generations.

10. Stavros. The name has a meaning related to 'the cross' and it is one of the most popular boy names in all of Greece. We like it because it is the most original and exudes personality.

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