Breastfeeding: possible complications

Breastfeeding: possible complications

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Breastfeeding is a very special time in the life of mother and baby. It creates a very personal bond between the two of you and is beneficial to both of you. It is a stage that can be lived without pain and enjoying it. However, early and throughout breastfeeding, some complications may arise. Knowing them and knowing how to treat them will help you so that you can solve them as soon as possible.

Sore nipples: during the first days or weeks you will notice sore nipples and the first suckings of the baby will be more annoying. As time goes by, the nipple will get used to it and it will hurt less and less. In some women, the discomfort occurs in one breast more than in the other.

Cracks in the nipples: an incorrect position of the baby during feeding will produce wounds that are usually annoying, are known as cracks. The convenient thing is to prevent its appearance, but if they have already come out, you can use a few drops of your own milk to spread them over the nipple and help it heal. Another measure is to leave it in the air as long as possible and avoid nursing pads because they are always wet. You can also use lanolin creams, but never anti-cracking creams because they are not effective and are toxic to the baby.

Engorgement in the breasts: It is another of the complications of breastfeeding. A few days after delivery, the increase in milk is usually accompanied by a sensation of heat, pain or tension in the breast. To alleviate it, you can apply hot cloths before feeding or massage the breasts. Try to have the baby always empty one breast before offering the other. You can also empty the excess milk with a breast pump.

Mastitis: occurs when the breast becomes inflamed due to infection caused by bacteria that have penetrated through the cracks or nipple wounds. The symptoms of mastitis are severe pain, swelling, and warmth. Sometimes it brings with it a picture of fever and general malaise. It is convenient to go to a consultation to receive treatment.

Breast abscess: It is an ailment that occurs in women when mastitis is complicated by not having received treatment or having been remedied late. The symptoms are very similar to those of mastitis but more intense. In these cases, when the pain is also strong, it is necessary to make an incision to drain the contents of the breast.

Candidiasis: it is a complication of breastfeeding that affects the nipple. These are erythema or white areas in the nipple area. If it spreads inwards, it can cause severe pain during feeding and does not go away when the baby stops nursing. You will have to go to the doctor so that he can treat candidiasis.

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