How to promote healthy pride in children

How to promote healthy pride in children

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Pride at first can seem negative because in principle it prevents people from recognizing their mistakes or learning from what they have not done well. But pride can really be a very positive thing if you know how to handle it properly.

Pride can be related to feeling good about yourself and family without having to brag to others. Healthy pride has to do with having a good concept of yourself, feeling proud of what you do. What father does not want to be proud of his children? Well, the feeling is the same but for the children themselves.

This healthy pride can be promoted starting from home and being the parents who begin to promote it in their children without falling into the error of flattering without having to do so since if this is the case, the child instead of having a healthy pride may end up having pride or arrogance.

It is important that parents know how to make their children see that whatever happens, they will always be by their side for whatever they need, demonstrating unconditional love for them without taking into account their abilities to improve their self-esteem and a good self-concept of themselves.

In this sense, it is essential to give importance to everything that the child does from a drawing at school to an important sports competition, children need to see how their parents are their best spectators. For this reason, it is very essential to spend time with the family and to stop from time to time activities and daily chores to spend some time together enhancing the affective and family bond.

When your child does things well, reinforce him positively so that he sees that effort always pays off, even in a loving way. Also, if your child does not do something correctly, do not discourage him and encourage him to improve himself next time.

Likewise, it is essential to promote family communication and that dialogue is a regular. Empower your child to speak up and see in you an example of empathy when things are not going well, and an example of healthy pride when things do go the way you expect them to.

Pride does not mean showing off, getting what you want, or not needing others. Pride means having the ability to fight and face the adversities of life depending on the stage and age of each

In addition, for a child to feel healthy pride in himself, apart from the above mentioned it is also very important to give him responsibilities within the home according to his age and according to his abilities.

In this way you will feel healthy pride to do things well even if it's taking out the trash or fixing your clothes closet. When the children do the housework without having to be reminded, it is a good way to look for a reward that makes them feel good, without falling into the material error.

Maria Jose Roldan
Special Education Teacher (Therapeutic Pedagogy)

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