Prevention of postpartum depression

Prevention of postpartum depression

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Postpartum depression tends to appear in women who are new mothers. It is believed that the causes may be hormonal, although there is no certainty of what can trigger it. However, the problems that postpartum depression can cause can be prevented and avoided when the disorder is found early. The implementation of an indicated and effective treatment for this problem can avoid the dire consequences of the postpartum depressionor.

Some of these tips can help you determine and prevent postpartum depression early.

1. Avoid being a superwoman.
Avoid stressing or worrying about being a superwoman and perfect mother. Newborns demand a lot of dedication, almost exclusively, from the mother. For this reason, during your pregnancy do not try to monopolize everything. Reduce your commitments as much as possible, and do not forget about health, good nutrition and rest.

2. Save the changes for later.
If you have to make any changes to your house, wait for the first six months after delivery. Do not be sad. You cannot do everything at once. Everything in its time.

3. Share experiences.
Reach out to other couples who are also expecting a child or who have recently had one. The exchange of experiences, information, and ideas is always positive. And also, you can have someone to leave your child with when he needs it. It is always good to have a friend to turn to in case of need.

4. Go to childbirth preparation classes.
It is very important to you and your partner. The information will give you more security and knowledge.

5. Previous depressions.
If you've ever suffered from depression, discuss the case with your doctor. Be on the lookout for any signs of recurrence of postpartum depression.

6. Rest and ask for help.
After your baby is born, take advantage of any occasion to rest. Share, whenever possible, housework and baby care with your husband, and also with other people in the family. Ask everyone for help.

7. Don't abandon yourself after delivery.
You must eat well. Give priority to milk, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and proteins of high biological value found in eggs, meat and fish. You will need a large vitamin intake in this phase. Apart from that, always find time for yourself, even 15 minutes a day, to read, lie down, talk on the phone with a friend, take a quiet bath or walk.

8. Find time to be with your partner.
Do not abandon yourselves. Ask someone you trust to stay with the baby one night so you can have dinner together, or go to the movies, or share a drink with some friends. It is important that not everything revolves only around the baby.

9. Do not be very critical and demanding of yourself or your partner.
Avoid situations that cause irritability and excessive fatigue. Avoid arguments. Do not give them spaces in your day.

10. When you can leave your baby with someoneTake the opportunity to relax by taking a walk. An hour of walking will make you feel relieved of tensions and worries.

11. Don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.
Go to the doctor as many times as necessary. If you notice that you have any symptoms of depression, do not despair, seek your doctor immediately. He will help you control and overcome it.

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