How to get your children to respect you

How to get your children to respect you

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Without a doubt, the example of parents is the best tool to educate children. Since they are born, children do not stop observing, cultivating habits, imitating behaviors ...

For this reason, I have always thought that when you want to be a father or mother, you should reflect on what you can offer yourself to your children. Respect is one of the lessons that will contribute the most to their lives.

Respect is one of the most important values ​​for family life. If you respect your son, he will respect you; What's more, if you respect your parents, your children will respect you. How can you demand and want your children to respect you if you don't treat your own parents with respect?

Respect is born in the cradle and in the family bosom, and it is like a baby, it must be pampered, cared for and fed, day after day. When you experience motherhood, as it happened to me, you live it according to what you have learned from your parents. I consider that I have always been a good daughter to my parents, but when my daughter was born something changed, and for the better. I have better understood the worries, the cares and even the repetitive words of my parents. I went on to see everything in a different way.

Parents are not perfect, we make mistakes on many occasions, however, we try to give the best to our children, because that also happened with our parents. They were neither more nor less wrong than we are wrong now, as parents. And now that they are older is when we have the opportunity to return their attention, affection and care.

It is the opportunity to return the patience and tolerance that they have had so much with us. Respect is the ideal tool to do it. I invite you to think about it, to reflect on how you relate to the grandparents of your children.

What gestures do you use, what attention you give them. When you are older, like them, you will realize that all the gratitude and generosity you have had towards them, your children will also have towards you. It is our task to also teach our children to love, to love and to feel. If you want your child to be good to you tomorrow, start being good to your parents. You will tell us.

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