Adopt children who are siblings

Adopt children who are siblings

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Once you have decided to adopt and you sit down in front of the application, among the many options that are presented to you, there is one especially peculiar one that is the option of adopting a group of siblings.

There are pairs of siblings, groups of three, four ... or groups of siblings so numerous that the difficulty in finding a family willing to take care of everyone and with whom the coupling is also a success is easily understandable.

You must understand that, given the need for the forced separation of a child and his biological family, the institutions always seek that the event is as least traumatic as possible for the minor so, in the event that he has more siblings, they are going to try to prevent them from falling apart.

It is normal to be a little scared to think of suddenly forming a family with many members but it is also an easier way for children to fit their past history with their current history because they feel supported by the other or the other siblings and they don't feel the break so much. It gives them security because there is a bond that always accompanies them and it does not mean starting everything from scratch.

In addition, as there are several, you will be able to have more information about the little ones because with a little information that you from each one it will be easier to form a more global vision of their history and the particularities of each child.

So is it that simple? No, nobody has said that it is because you not only have to adapt to one child, you have to adapt to several, of different ages and earn their trust and respect, especially from the older brother or the one who plays the role of responsible for others. We have indicated the oldest, because it is usually the one who exercises that role of 'father' or 'mother' although it depends on each case.

It is true that it is relatively easy to enter into some kind of competition for authority with the brother who feels responsible for others since he is the most distrustful, the most protective and therefore, the one who is going to put us the most to the test. In fact, conflicts are likely to arise between your standards and theirs, or between what the two of you may consider to be the best for the rest of the children. It's a little power struggle.

However, it is important that you take into account the family model you want, if you want to have more than one child or not, the waiting times when processing adoptions of different children, your financial resources and your capacity and, that of your partner if you have it, when dealing with the arrival of several children at the same time. Remember that we are not only talking about people, we are talking about minors and specifically children who have already had losses, so the responsibility of the adult who takes care of them is always greater.

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