Shiva, a lucky dog. Stories for children

Shiva, a lucky dog. Stories for children

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My name is Shiva, I am a tan dog. I am very smart because I go to school. When I was very little they separated me from my mother. I was very sick and couldn't take care of myself. Alone I walked down the street, among the people and nobody could help me. I was cold, hungry, sleepy and afraid while walking.

One day with a lot of torrential rain, I hid from the world, and my eyes cried through the thunder and I only asked life for a family to take care of me and love me as much as I would love them if I had it with me. I was shivering from the cold and I got sick. I started to lose my hair and my whole body itched.

When I left my shelter, people looked at me and ran away. I could see my image in a shop window and the truth was scary: skinny from hunger, dirty, wet and with little hair. This story that seems sad is not, because after so much wandering, suffering and crying, I crossed paths with a sweet family, and they became my parents, despite not being dogs like me.

Today I am a spoiled dog with silky hair and a tail like a feather duster full of hair. I am as happy as a partridge to be a member of this family of humans, so much so that sometimes I even forget to bark, but I don't care because with caresses and kisses I know how to communicate.

I have traveled a lot, crossed the ocean by plane, I have gone to the mountains, I have chased ducklings in the lake to play, pigeons in the square to scare, I have run in valleys among sheep, I have gone to the beach and swam with the waves in the sea. My favorite moment is going for a walk in the park and rolling around on the grass.

I have met many people, I have made doggy friends in each place we have visited and I never lacked shelter, pampering, a warm roof, food, laughter, games, love and security. No matter how hard a moment in my life has been, the important thing is that today I know happiness, life knew how to listen to me and a family gave me as a gift and since I am not stupid I knew how to value it, and with joy enjoy it.


This story has been sent by Florencia Moragas, an Argentine living in Spain. The story is based on her dog Shiva, abandoned in Argentina and taken in by her and her family, who brought her to Spain.

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