Natural remedies for pregnancy discomfort

Natural remedies for pregnancy discomfort

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Throughout pregnancy, the body undergoes physical and hormonal changes and this can lead the pregnant woman to suffer from certain complaints such as nausea and dizziness, constipation, hemorrhoids, heartburn, or cramps. Conventional medicine has few remedies for these ailments since many medications can affect the development of the baby and are contraindicated throughout the gestation. That is why natural remedies and homeopathy become the perfect solution for pregnancy discomfort.

- Ginger, especially in the form of cookies (solid and dry food) is a good remedy for nausea.

- Anti-seasickness or acupressure bracelets that stimulate an acupuncture point on the wrist (Neiguan P6)

- Magnesium chelate: especially in vomiting that persists after the first trimester.

- Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine): it can be taken in tablets, or in specific vitamin complexes for pregnancy but it is also present in foods such as brewer's yeast, wheat germ, banana, potatoes, green leafy vegetables ... .

- Fasting sesame or flax seeds help prevent constipation.

- Magnesium chelate: present in nuts, chocolate or soy. It is marketed in herbalists in the form of tablets or as a trace element. We have to have a precaution and it is not to mix it with dairy.

- Tea tree oil: a few drops in hot water and with a sponge, treat the area by dabbing and not rubbing. It can be done twice a day.

- Rescue Remedy ointment, we apply a couple of times a day to the area.

- Important to prevent constipation and therefore avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids: increase your water intake, doing aerobic exercise and taking any of the above remedies or flax seeds on an empty stomach.

Urinary infections are not uncommon in pregnancy, and it is important to treat them early and even prevent them.

- American cranberry: you can take capsules, tablets, concentrates. It is also useful to drink infusion of red fruits while the symptoms continue, when they begin to be noticed or as prevention.

- Bearberry or ursine grape: it is a natural antibiotic. It is sold in herbalists in powder, in capsules (2 tablets every 8h) or in liquid (1 dropper in 1 cup / 8h).

In the case of yeast infections or yeast infections, they can be treated in this way:

- Take probiotics, which are bought in a herbalist or pharmacy.

- Vaginal probiotics, the action is local.

- Eliminate refined sugars, yeasts (bread among others) from the diet.

- Add lacto-fermented foods to the diet: promote the growth of good intestinal bacteria, aid digestion and strengthen immune function, such as an increase in B vitamins, digestive enzymes, fatty acids, omega-3, acid lactic acid and other immune chemicals. These fight against harmful bacteria and cancer cells.

- Magnesium or magnesium chelate in trace elements.

- Exercise to improve circulation, in the event that it is due to poor circulation and cramps arise for this reason.

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