How to choose the best pillow for children

How to choose the best pillow for children

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After choosing the furniture, the bed or the decorations for a children's room, it may seem that everything is already done in the room where the children sleep. However, contribute to your break is necessary, and for this we not only have to pay attention to the mattress on which they will sleep each night, but also to the pillow in which they will pose their little head.

Which pillow is better for a child? Depending on the age and needs of the little one, this is how we will choose the shape, size and thickness of that bed companion that they will hug in dreams.

When choosing the best pillow for our children, we must first take into account that babies do not need it or at least it must be a very small one since this could become a choking problem.

When they are more than two years old, the chances of this happening drop considerably, so it is the moment in which we stop to think about what type of pillow they need for their sleep habits. We can start with those that don't be too tall nor very large, but those that simply help to maintain head slightly higher at the sleeping hour.

Another guideline that we have to take into account is that beyond the comfort of a pillow in which children can sink, it should be firm, so that they do not have neck pain when waking up. As they grow, we will have to vary the size and thickness of the pillow in question.

As for the interior itself, it is recommended that we also know its composition, since we must choose the cotton padding against the feathers as they could contribute to sinking too much or even causing some type of allergy, and an exterior of hypoallergenic foam which will certainly contribute to your rest.

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