The surprising fears of children

For children everything is new and exciting. Every day they discover something unknown that surprises or even scares them. This is the case of a girl whose video has already gone viral. This little girl noticed how his heart beat his chest hard after running and began to cry inconsolably. The girl did not understand what was happening in her body and she felt panic.

Fears are very common in childhood,it is very common for fears to be generated: of the dark, of bugs, of loud noises, of water, of strangers ... They are universal fears, fears that we understand as normal and that occur in many children. We understand these fears because we may have been through a similar situation, and we try to help our children overcome their phobias.

However, there are other fears that are out of the ordinary, which are really curious and surprising. They are uncommon fears and that even cause us to smile, although children experience them with all the intensity in the world. Here are some of the weirdest fears or repulsions I've ever heard:

- Fear of the tingling felt when a limb falls asleep. The daughter of a friend felt panic after getting up from the ground and feeling that her leg did not respond to her. She had fallen asleep and began to tingle. The little girl ended up crying at the feeling of the unknown.

- Fear of birthday: I already know a couple of cases of children who are terrified when children mill around them and begin to sing the popular song. One of them prefers not to celebrate it to avoid the moment of blowing out the candles.

- Fear or revulsion at the smell of candles: the previous fear reminded me of the case of several adults who as children felt horror when candles were lit because they knew that the moment would come to put them out, and that whiff that spreads when it happens caused them nausea.

- Fear of sand on the beach or grass: There are children who cannot stand contact with the sand or the grass in the pool and prefer to always wear shoes so that their body does not touch the dreaded element.

- Fear of the sound of balloons popping: many of us are uncomfortable with the sound of balloons or firecrackers. However, I recently saw a boy who had to take refuge in his parents' car when he saw that the birthday party he attended was full of balloons. The mere thought that one could explode made him panic.

- Fear of the heart: by the end one of the most tender, the fear mentioned above in which a girl notices that her heart beats hard on her chest after running and is afraid of that feeling.

The video is in Portuguese, however, you don't have to understand the language to feel the little girl's fear.

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