Causes of dandruff in children

Causes of dandruff in children

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The aesthetic problems or health that we adults can have many times also reach children. In the same way that there are adolescents with gray hair, many young children present dandruff, something that is associated with adults in general or even with the passage of time.

Shampoos, the scalp itself, body temperature ... there are many factors that can contribute to our children have dandruff at a given moment, and to know the causes for starting the solutions it will be what helps us.

Some of the causes of dandruff in children may have to do with the health of your own scalp. Some newborns may have episodes ofatopic dermatitis It causes the hair to flake, and this results in the annoying white spots that we call dandruff. We often stop to think if dandruff is a lack of hygiene, but in reality dandruff is not related to cleanliness.

On the other hand, it is advisable to know that another reason for children to have dandruff is excess sebum on the skin, that is, perspiration that favors its appearance, or even excessively dry skin.

To ensure that our children do not present dandruff, one of the most recommended guidelines is to use shampoos that don't be aggressive, and that even contain properties that keep dandruff away. Shampoos should be neutral o have sulfur and lavender properties, at least for as long as the dandruff is more visible. Washing the hair too much in these cases could contribute to its appearance.

Gentle massages in the affected areas of the head with special mild oils for the hair, can gradually make excess dandruff disappear in children.

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