Activities to help children understand mathematics

Activities to help children understand mathematics

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Parents have the wonderful opportunity and above all the responsibility to educate and teach children. The parenting process is something that is done day after day and also several areas of development must be taken into account: physical, emotional and intellectual development.

The most common is that parents find time to read a story to their little ones, instilling in children something as important as a love for the habit of reading, but What about when it comes to instilling a love of math? These are just as important as knowing how to read correctly.

Mathematics is a necessary subject to function properly in society, indeed, it should be more enjoyable than it really is for children, and this can be consistently achieved from home (and not just from school).

For children to begin to appreciate mathematics, the first thing to do is to nurture the confidence of the little ones in their mathematical ability, their understanding and so that they see that they are real and necessary for daily life. It is quite a challenge, but it can be achieved without problems.

Real life is full of opportunities to teach math to children, because mathematics is everything in our life. The bills that are paid, the currencies that are used, the comparisons of purchases, the measurements ... it all requires math and calculations. But how can mathematics be applied to real life so that children understand it?

- In the kitchen: Cooking requires measurements of the ingredients, knowing the time and understanding the quantities so that the child understands how to do things.

- Measurement. Kids love to use rulers and tape measures so this is another opportunity to teach kids math. Anytime is a good time to teach a child math, such as helping a parent measure things in a DIY project and write everything down so they don't forget the important numbers, something fun to practice measuring and length comparison.

- Money. This is as easy as starting to accompany mom or dad to the supermarket and teach your child to buy prices and pay at the cashier. It is a good way to introduce children to the concept of spending and saving money.

As you can see, there are many ways in which mathematics can be used in daily life, in addition, you can find more ways if you look at the small details.

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