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The most popular videos of on Youtube

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October 27, 2006, that was the date on which the video channel of our site on Youtube was born. Do you know what is the first video that we recorded, edited and published? Neither more nor less than a Christmas carol sung in choir by a group of children. Since then we have produced 1,117 videos (although the number always keeps going up). All of them created with great care, affection, dedication and always thinking about what may be of interest to you.

In this years, a community of followers of our site on Youtube has been created that already reaches 300,000 subscribers, so we have no choice but to sing a huge ... Thank you! Thanks for your loyalty, for your interest, for your enthusiasm, for the suggestions, in short, for being part of the great family of our site.

Throughout these years we have published videos of songs, stories, crafts, balloon twisting, origami or experiments. In short, leisure and entertainment for parents and children, but at the same time, we wanted to continue with the spirit and philosophy of our website in which we try to help all parents in the education and care of their children, That is why we have spoken with psychologists, pedagogues, doctors, midwives, nurses, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, dentists and a very long etcetera of professionals dedicated to the world of childhood. This is our top 10 videos:

1 - Estrellita, where are you: a beautiful lullaby sung by our Traposo bear

2- The frog sang under the water: another success of our little pet

3- I have a dairy cow: a timeless children's success made with drawings that the little ones really like.

4- Cu cu, sang the frog: our Traposo bear sneaks into the Top 10 again.

5- Mix of Traposo's songs: there are 41 minutes of the best songs of the mascot on our site.

6- The chicks say pio pio pio: a traditional children's song.

7- Alphabet song: Rag teaches us the alphabet in this fun song.

8- I have a doll: this song has passed from generation to generation and continues to be successful.

9- Below a button: a rhyming song that amuses children a lot.

10- I am a cup: the songs to dance have many followers and if it is Traposo who invites us to dance, much better.

You see that our top 10 is full of songs for children, all of them starring our super ragged bear and it is that this pet has won the affection of children. However, not only our songs have hundreds of reproductions, also among our most viewed videos in other categories are:

1- Origami videos: it is a great activity for children as it enhances their concentration and hand-eye coordination.

2- The video stories on our site: very entertaining for the little ones in the house.

3- Tips about lice: and it is that parents know that during school or camping time, those annoying bugs have a tendency to stay on the heads of our children.

4- How to massage the baby: they are perfect techniques to relax them and help them relieve gas colic.

5- Tips on pregnancy and childbirth: we teach you how to breathe and push so that you are prepared during labor.

In addition to all the videos we already have, every week you will see new content made with love and always thinking of you, so now you know ... follow us on YouTube!

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