How to remove spots on the skin after childbirth

How to remove spots on the skin after childbirth

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Many pregnant women have a problem when they are expecting a baby: they appear unexpected spots on the skin. Depending on our dermis, we will be more or less likely to appear, but it is true that pregnancy is a stage prone to this happening.

To know how prevent stains When we expect a baby, it is necessary to know certain tricks and treatments after its appearance when we have already been mothers, when the hormonal process will progressively decrease.

Hormonal changes are the 'culprits' that come out spots on the skin of the pregnant woman. So that these have the least possible impact on the woman's body, it is recommended that we carry out beauty treatments that help us feel better. Although they can appear in various areas of the body, the face is one of the parts that most affect future moms.

The first key tip is the hydration, whether we are going to expose ourselves to the sun or not. In the event that we are going to be under solar radiation, the protection must be very high, since in addition to the fact that we could have problems with the ultraviolet radiation, sun spots are much more harmful to the body. Protecting ourselves with hats or caps will also help.

To avoid other types of spots on the skin, in addition to a good moisturizing lotion, what we have to do is choose creams that are soft and not aggressive for the skin.

If even so we have gotten these annoying spots on the skin after having been mothers, we must know the beauty center treatments that exist in the cosmetic market to help us recover our skin.

- Chemical peel: What this treatment does is remove the layers of the skin where the spots are, based on different acids, such as salicylic, which favors the elimination of melanin, mandelic that increases collagen, or kojic, which it has antioxidant properties for the skin.

- Pulsed light: This type of treatment achieves that dark spots that may have been produced by the sun are removed with a beam of light that removes the stain and promotes the health and beauty of the dermis.

- To be: Cells that have too much pigmentation are those that cause the appearance of spots, so this type of treatments that are done in beauty centers make that without damaging the skin tissue, the stain ends up disappearing.

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