Baby names: no pressure or imposition

Baby names: no pressure or imposition

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Last weekend, one of my sisters-in-law told us that she had a new neighbor whose parents had given him a name so strange and difficult to pronounce, that it was impossible to remember (in fact, I no longer remember), thus that whenever he crossed paths with the little one, he would go to him saying something like: how are you, chiqui! or a nice hello! He substituted his name for some kind word that could replace it.

What is the name for, if no one remembers it because it is extremely complicated ?, she said, where have the classics of all life, of the saints, been? The subject is much to talk about because a few years ago there has been a pendulum movement from one extreme to another in relation to name our children. Let me explain, some forty or fifty years ago, just around the corner, to those of us who are now parents or grandparents, in many cases, they gave us the name that 'we should bear', the one that our parents gave us for some family commitment, cultural tradition or even imposition at the time of baptism.

I have a friend my age called Delia, and as this name was not part of those that thicken the saints of the church, they gave her Delia MarĂ­a, to be able to baptize her, so they put a compound name that, according to her criteria, does not fit nor with tail. This was the way to place the new child under the protection of the saint with whom he shared a name, or failing that, that of the Virgin Mary. Although there is no longer so much tradition, before they congratulated you and celebrated both your birthday and the name day of your patron saint. They congratulated my brother Juan on the day of Saint John the Evangelist, Saint John the Baptist, Saint John of the Cross ... and all the Juanes of the saints, which are quite a few.

Now there are contrary reactions or to the margin of this tradition; The roots, the tradition, the origin, not even the last name of the parents no longer matter so much, but the uniqueness and originality of the very name with which we will refer to our little one. The important thing is to choose the name that you want, without pressure or imposition. It seems that currently parents give their child the name they consider appropriate, according to their desires, beliefs, commitments, ideas or nonsense ..., although, yes, it is not accepted in the civil registry if the chosen name is humiliating or humiliating for the child.

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