Safety of children in the bathroom

Safety of children in the bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house where more childhood accidents occur along with the kitchen. And it is that, not only contains risk elements that are easy for children to manipulate, it is also a place where your curiosity is put to the test to open cabinets or drawers and discover everything they contain.

The most common accidents that occur in the toilet are: burns, falls, poisoning from ingestion of products or injuries.

1- To avoid burns that occur mainly because the water is too hot, we can install a water thermometer tell us the temperature before introducing the child

2- Falls: children's slips in the bathtub and even on the bathroom floor are very common. We must keep the soil as dry as possible at all times and also install some non-slip or sticky mat inside the bathtub to prevent falls. Another measure is to place fasteners or handles so that the child can be more autonomous in the bathtub or shower.

3- Poisoning: cosmetics, creams or other hygiene products are very attractive to them and it is not strange that they explore them through taste. It is convenient keep them out of the reach of children putting them in places they can't reach or using door and drawer lockers.

4- Wounds and cuts: razors and scissors are usually common elements in bathrooms and we must place them away from children's access.

5- Asphyxiation and electrocution: these are very serious accidents that occur when the adult is not supervising the child in the bathroom. It's very important avoid leaving the toilet to answer the phone, to bring the child's clothes or go to the kitchen to do a task. These little moments can have serious consequences.

Bath time can be a great way to share an intimate time with children and have fun. However, we must always be alert because the child is full of curiosity and will want to open the tap, press the button on the toilet flush or discover that new bottle of cream that he has seen us leave on the sink counter.

Prevention and adaptation of the space to the needs of our children are our best allies so that the bathroom does not become a place of danger for children but of enjoyment and relaxation.

Source: National Association for Child Safety

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