Sweet and savory custard recipes

Sweet and savory custard recipes

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We tend to think of a flan as a sweet dessert, and yet any food can be the perfect base to make a flan as a first course, second course, dessert or even as a single dish.

Flan has infinite possibilities. You can use it, for example, to introduce vegetables into the diet of children who find it more difficult to eat raw.

While it is true that sweet custards should be eaten wisely due to their high sugar content, they can also be a very nutritious dessert if made with eggs, for example.

Both for pregnant women and children, flan can also be an excellent snack. Let's not forget that the sweet dessert is dairy, and that it provides a lot of calcium, something very necessary for the formation of children's bones and for the development of the baby in the womb.

Colorful vegetable flan. Simple vegetable tart for children. Vegetable flan with egg for children. A simple dish for children to eat vegetables. On our site we tell you all the details of this recipe, its ingredients and the step by step of its preparation. You will suck your fingers.

Pumpkin and cinnamon flan. Pumpkin and cinnamon flan recipe for the children's Halloween party. our site offers us a healthier and more original version of the traditional dessert. Pumpkin flan with a touch of cinnamon to celebrate Halloween.

Light egg flan. We teach you how to make a very light egg custard with soy milk. If your child is allergic to lactose, you can make this light egg custard, with soy milk, which has the classic flavor and many nutrients.

Flan of condensed milk. Condensed milk flan recipe. Brazilian recipe for family dessert or for a celebration. An easy, light, smooth, and very sweet recipe. our site offers you the step by step of this dessert, typical of Brazil.

Cheese flan. Flan is a traditional dessert that admits varieties such as this cheese flan, a quick dessert for children that is very easy to make.

Egg flan with orange. Egg flan with orange. Ideal recipe for family desserts. An easy, fast and very simple recipe to prepare at home with children. A healthy and natural recipe.

Tangerine flan with chocolate. Tangerine flan with chocolate for children. If your child likes desserts and sweets, he will love this delicious tangerine flan. our site offers you this easy and quick recipe, step by step. The mandarin is a fruit with many vitamins, nutrients and with a lot of fiber.

Homemade egg flan. The best choice for desserts are grandma's traditional sweets, like this homemade egg custard, a calcium-rich recipe for children and pregnant women. An exquisite, easy and very quick dessert to make at home to sweeten the day with the children and the whole family.

Choco-Flan. Chocoflan is a dessert that combines the flavor of chocolate with that of flan. It can be an excellent dessert for children. We tell you how to make it step by step.

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